Tatare Hat

The Tatare hat is an electric cooking appliance (it also exists with alcohol) in the shape of hat, equipped with small hooks used to hang on pieces of meat, fish or vegetables (like a stone grill); the hat’s bottom serves as a bowl filled with a broth in which the juice of the different ingredients will flow down and give an extra flavor to this preparation.

A different cooking way from a stone grill while keeping a very friendly atmosphere.

The whole comes with a soup as appetizer, access to the salad bar and potatoes as accompaniment.
If you choose the Tatare hat, it will be served to all guests sitting at the table. It is also possible, in the case of a reservation with a minimum of two tables, to plan the formula: Tatare hat and fondue. It is better to reserve this formula in advance because we do not possess enough devices for all of the restaurant’s tables.

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