Swiss Raclette

As say the purists: “La vraie raclette, ça se racle”. Thus we propose you to taste the exclusive artisanal cheese of “Valèt de Waimes”. This cheese was created by the Cheese Master Andréas Keul, craftsman in Waimes, formed in the Swiss Valais, where he worked as a “armailli” during the seasons of high pastures in 2009 and 2013. He introduces us his creation: the “Valèt” cheese (wordplay between Valais in Switzerland and the “valèt” Walloon word for server), which suits perfectly to this style of preparation. Some connoisseurs customers made us the remark by saying: “It has nothing to envy to the best Swiss tomes! What taste and what quality ” The whole comes with a soup as appetizer, access to the salad bar and potatoes as accompaniment. If you choose the Swiss raclette, it will be served to all the guests sitting at the table.

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