At the beginning of this year 2022, we have decided to change our formula and to propose you from now on all our different fondues, pierrades and raclette in a “All In” or “Super All In” formula varying from 39,90 € to 54,90 €.
We also have menus for children at 10 €!

The prices of our packages include :
As a starter, our home-made soup.
Afterwards, you will be served a salad bar (of the freshest quality), and we will serve you at the table with your choice of fondue, pierrade or raclette, fresh chips and/or jacket potatoes.
Drinks are unlimited (under certain conditions).
During the package, all wines of the wine card are available for a fixed price of 14 € / bottle!
And most of the special beers & spirits are 2 €!
(Ask our staff for details)

The dessert service and coffee will close the duration of the packages.
We also offer vegetarian packages.
The cheese fondue can also be prepared without alcohol!