Our pavilion with grill is an exclusive addition and was custom-built and can accommodate up to 15 people (even 20 with children). It is perfect opportunity for people living in apartments or anyone who has to deal with a lack of space to have a great outdoor experience.

Ease and simplicity are the keywords to organize your barbecue, under the best possible conditions regardless of weather conditions, while taking advantage of a unparalleled natural landscape, a superb terrace and a great pétanque facility
(French lawn ball game similar to Italian bocce ball).

The pavilion is heated and insolated, thereby allowing you to set up very comfortably any time of the year. It has several electrical plugs, one refrigerator a kitchen sink with approved running water source. An outdoor lavatory is also at your disposal.

Catering services: Swiss raclette + salad + potatoes: 25 € / pers.